At Complete Leasing Solutions we understand the importance of making correct decisions for your business. Whether you’re a sole trader with a small gym, or the Managing Director of an international fitness corporation, leasing your equipment has benefits.

Businesses across the UK, including 95% of FTSE 100 companies according to surveys carried out by the Finance & Leasing Association, regularly lease equipment. A CLS finance lease is the perfect way to fund new gym, and it’s very easy to understand why when considering the benefits;

  • Tailored to Your specific monthly budget
  • Terms from 1-5 years
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • Preserve Your Capital for More Profitable Uses
  • Simplify Your Budgeting and Forecasting with fixed payments
  • Chose Equipment that Meets Your Requirements now, why compromise?
  • Maintain your Existing Credit Lines
  • Improve your Return on Investment
  • Easily Upgrade to New Equipment
  • New start business accepted

Leasing has always been a popular method for businesses to acquire new equipment and with main stream bank lending still difficult to achieve more and more businesses are choosing a CLS flexible finance lease. Find out why here.

And remember, in real terms you could be saving 25% on payments, as they’re deductible against your pre-tax profits!

Contact Fixagym for further information or CLS directly on the details below.

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